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          EP-4 Multi-Fueled Engine

          The EP-4 Engine is an air cooled horizontally opposed piston engine with electronically controlled fuel injection. Compared with its counterparts in the market, the engine is light weighted, consistent in performance, robust and maintenance friendly. EP-4 is an ideal choice to power fixed-wing UAV and VTOL of MTOW 25kg-35kg.

          Technical Parameter
          Configuration 2Cyl. Horizontally Opposed Displacement 68ml
          Bore × Stroke 38mm×30mm Speed Range 1800rpm~8500rpm
          Compression Ratio 10.5:1
          Lubrication Oil Gas Lubrication Fuel Delivery Electronic Fuel Injection
          Fuel Type 3# JET Fuel (or 92# Gasoline and Above, Aviation Gasoline)
          Starting Method External Starter Starting, Integrated Starter Starting
          Starting Conditions Cylinder Temperature ≥ 85℃(JET Fuel),Throttle Position ≥ 25%
          Weight 2.6kg
          Fuel Consumption 503g/kW·h Rated Power 4.1kW@8000rpm
          Max Torque 5.1N·m@6000rpm Generator Customized