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          H60A Three-Bladed Propeller

          Under business relationships with famous propeller suppliers around the world, Quadrant Space offer fixed-pitch propellers and in-flight adjustable propellers for a wide range of applications including fixed-wing UAVs, gyrocopters, general aviation aircrafts, and paramotors. To meet Chinese market demands for advanced propellers, Quadrant Space have a joint technical center with HELIX Germany for propeller development and application. With synergy of proven design and test capabilities in powerplant integration, we provide superior support and excellent service to customers' aircraft development.

          Power Supply: Cutting magnetic induction line

          Weight: 14kg

          Power Supply Voltage: 12VDC

          Weight: 12.5kg

          Technical Parameter
          Propeller Form Constant Speed Propeller Number of Blades 3 Blades
          Diameter 1750mm Adjustment Range of Pitch Angle 6°~19°
          Spinning Direction Counterclockwise Rotation (Facing Engine Output Flange)
          Pitch Actuator Electronic Controlled Leading Edge Protection Nickel-Cobalt Metal
          Applicable Engine ROTAX914F/UL(Or Engine of Similar Power Rating)
          Moment of Inertia 5980kg·cm2
          Throttle 100%;Speed 5500rpm Torque: 313Nm;Thrust: 265kgf
          Throttle 115%;Speed 5800rpm Torque: 330Nm;Thrust: 284kgf